Saturday, August 14, 2010

the Old Man

He moves slowly, and stumbles on occasion. But, usually he remembers his cane and gets along fine.

He still rides his three-wheeler bike for exercise and to church occasionally.

He keeps his home tidy and neat.

He makes me chuckle...he will NEVER leave a fork, spoon, glass, bowl, or anything in his sink for longer than two minutes. As soon as he eats, he cleans up. His stainless steel sink looks brand new after many years.

He has a routine. He is, of course, always delighted to have company, but he's relieved when everyone heads home, and he can just go back to his very patterned routine. Breakfast of cereal/fruit/milk eaten in front of the tv. The days are spent reading, watching tv. Then, an early dinner - again in front of the tv. And, some favorite old time tv shows, sometimes on channels with no commercials. At bedtime, he walks over to the picture of his wife, talks to her and heads to his bedroom.

A few weeks ago, when he was encouraged to use oxygen, he used it for two nights, then said it was just a bother, and he didn't need it.

And always, on Sunday, he will be in church.

That's my 95 year old father-in-law. I'm thankful for him.

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