Thursday, May 6, 2010

Strange, but True What I'm Thankful For Today

We just returned from a long stay at a condo where the owners had to use a common laundry room. It made me grateful for a laundry room in my own home, and also for dryer sheets. After going around with clingy underwear and clothes, it was great to have Bounce sheets to put in the dryer!

Also, in a more serious vein, I'm so grateful we have returned home with:
no serious injuries to ourselves, car, or home,
memories of a great visit to Florida,
Jordan, Janna, Oliver, Lucy, Imogen, Anna, Andrea

I'm thankful for an incredibly beauitful home to return to!

The flowers, shrubs, trees, grass all looked so beautiful.

I'm thankful for good health to have enjoyed the trip.

I'm thankful for family and friends.

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